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Quality Editing with a smooth turn-around… contact me at marilyncmorris@sbcglobal.net


Marilyn Celeste Morris

Editing Excellence

 Manuscripts may be submitted either electronically or on hard copy, as you prefer. Before editing commences, an Agreement between Author and Editor will be signed and exchanged manually or electronically, stating the nature of the editng services the fee required, and an estimated completion date.

For Electronic Editing:  Send me your manuscript via email attachment, in MS Word or RTF format, single-spaced and page-numbered, with your name and title of your manuscript at the top of each page.  Other formatting consists of paragraph indents, chapter headings, etc., in Times New Roman or Courier 12-point font.  Please, no “fancy” script or colors.

You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt within 24 hours.

 I will use the “red-line” method of editing, with comments/insertions noted in parenthesis in blue.  If you are unfamiliar with this process, it will be explained to you. A separate summary of edits will also be sent to explain the reasons for such edits, and suggestions on how the work may be improved.

 For all levels of editing, I will check for the following:

Punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar

Subject-verb agreement

Errors in word usage

Consistency in spelling, hyphenation, and numerals

Repetition of words in the same paragraph

Consistency and adherence to established format and style standards.

Other errors not stipulated.

  • Setting

  • Dialogue

  • Characterization

  • Plot and Plot Advancement

  • Opening and Closing Impact

  • Copyright Infringement (Lyrics to songs, even Bible verses must have copyright permission   noted.)

 At the same time, I will not interfere with the author’s “voice” or style; thus, your work remains distinctly your work.


Fee Quotes and Estimates:


Quotes for editing reflect comparable rates.  Quotes are by the word or by the project, listing the project requirements and the editorial service provided.


Besides the minimum charge of $50.00 due for any type or size of the project, my standard fee for proofreading/copy editing is one half cent (1/2 cent) per word.

 “Start of Service” Defined:

 Each project is handled in the order in which it is received.  For purposes of defining a “start” of the project, an email will be sent to the author stating the editing has begun, along with an estimated length of time to complete.  This will in no way be binding, but is merely an estimate.

Scheduling of projects is flexible but reasonable.  Fast turn-arounds are standard and “emergency service” will be considered on a case-by-case basis.









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